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    silica gel : a class of multifunctional sealant with a wide operating temperature range. Single component silicone moisture curing to form a tough solid, is a very good universal sealant. Good weather resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance and ozone resistance. Silicone sealant is generally easy to squeeze molding, easy handling.

    polyurethane : polyurethane sealant is mostly single component, good adhesion and extensibility. It is non corrosive and flexible, and can be used to bond a lot of substrates. It has good performance over a wide temperature range and is resistant to most chemical and climatic conditions.

    acrylic : acrylic sealant for most of the surface has good bonding performance, and exposure to ultraviolet light or other environment still has plasticity. Universal type, used in many outdoor facilities. Can be coated after curing.


    UV curable : single component or two-component, 100% solid. Exposure to UV or visible light, can be completely cured within 10-20 seconds. Fast curing speed, can improve production efficiency.

    polyurethane : single component or two-component, good adhesion to most materials, and wear resistance. Good electrical properties, high resistance to drop. Very good low temperature flexibility and high operating temperature.

    silica gel : single component or two-component, can be 100% solid, very friendly to users. With high purity, low toxicity and excellent weather resistance. Wide operating temperature, the product can have the best performance of thermal cycling.

    epoxy resin type : single component or two-component, good adhesion to most substrates, chemical resistance. Has very good electrical properties, curing basically no volatile release.


    UV curing : most of the above chemical types can be UV curing way. Solvent free products can be cured within a few seconds of UV light / visible light. In addition to acrylic, polyurethane, silicone type UV cured Conformal Coating, as well as epoxy and acrylic modified polyurethane UV curable Conformal Coating.

    silica gel : has the highest flexibility, high moisture resistance and fungal resistance. Chemical resistance and easy to repair. Has a very good electrical performance, can also have good thermal performance. Solvent free silicone coatings can be heat cured or moisture cured.

    polyurethane : with good moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and very good electrical conductivity. Most single component polyurethane coatings are used in applications that require careful control of the coating and curing environment. Polyurethane coating with weldability, can be used to remove the components of electric iron, easy repair.

    acrylic: easy to use, more than ten minutes to dry at room temperature. Good electrical and physical properties, resistance to fungi. When the heat is low or no heat is released, it can protect the heat sensitive components from damage. Easy repair.


    UV curable adhesive : single component, solvent free, UV and visible light curable adhesives can be used for bonding, coating, potting, sealing. It can be cured within a few seconds of exposure to UV or visible light.

    single component silicone (silicone adhesive sealant), the moisture curing form tenacity solid, with good weatherability, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance.

    polyurethane adhesive : one component or two component, the surface treatment of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics have good bonding properties. Good flexibility and durability. There are three curing methods: catalytic curing, thermal curing and evaporation solvent curing. Generally slow curing.

    hot melt adhesive : a thermoplastic material, in the sizing equipment in the melt, can wet the surface of the substrate, cooling after solidification forming bond. Curing is fast, not a real structural adhesive, but the bonding of a wide range of substrate

    epoxy can be one or two component, heating and curing at room temperature. Most of the substrate has a high bond strength, sometimes even more than the strength of the substrate itself. Epoxy resin is very hard, chemical resistance and weather resistance. Can be designed into the heat conduction and conductive adhesive.

    dry adhesive : single component adhesive, and the metal surface can be instantly cured after contact. Most of the substrates have good adhesion and high strength. Can have different viscosity, curing speed, the ability to fill the gap and surface compatibility.

    anaerobic adhesive : only one component adhesive / sealant under air free conditions. For thread locking, cylindrical holding, pipe thread sealing, flat sealing, etc..

    acrylic adhesive : a structural adhesive , with a wide range of bonding, including most types of plastics, slightly treated and non treated metals. It can be divided into two components, one component UV curing or thermal curing. Flexibility can be good to very good, weather resistance, fast curing.