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    Zhuhai Heng Ying Chemical Co., Ltd. is a collection of glue development, process solutions, product after-sales service support as one of the chemical enterprises. We can do the following related services:

    I. professional development

    Our joint Japanese factory technology research and development of glue, and in accordance with customer's production equipment and process requirements to develop special glue. The factory has a professional product development and advanced laboratory facilities and professional R & D personnel, they accumulated experience and technology of decades of precipitation can quickly respond to various projects, to meet the requirements of your design, manufacturing and quality. Customized products include: epoxy, acrylic acid, UV glue, silica, instant glue, hot melt adhesive products such as PUR.

    Two. product improvement

    We can improve the product's color, viscosity, curing speed, hardness, peel strength and other products according to the requirements, and adjust the packing capacity of the products according to the actual production requirements.

    Three. certification services (can be updated to provide relevant documents and information)

    Certificate of validity (ISO9001:2008 quality management system requirements, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system requirements)

    Material safety data sheet (MSDS)

    Technical data sheet (TDS)

    Technical data of safety and environmental protection (REACH, ROHS)

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