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    Product name:WORLD ROCK 830 SERIES

    Product describe:
    The speaker, motor, optical pickup assembly with two liquid mixing resin: even a rough mix, uncured part does not produce adhesive, also can be cured by UV, so it can completely solidified in the light to the site,according to the production conditions
    Product name 836(A) 836(B)
    principal component Denatured acrylic resin Denatured acrylic resin
    Hardening condition 10-15sec(100mW/c㎡) 10-15sec(100mW/c㎡)
    viscosity 3,300mPa?s 3,300mPa?s
    Available time 50-80min
    Internal curing time 2-4Hr
    Strength 6.31MPa ※

    ※ Iron plate shearing

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