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    DW-3071 DW-3071 This product is a single component water-based PSA, also used as contact adhesive. Does not contain formaldehyde; heat resistance and excellent water resistance; low odor type.
    DA-829A DA-829A This product is based on acrylic resin, emulsion type speaker, rim of the paper with damping glue. High solid content, in the voice coil loudspeaker can form surface paper sapwood membrane; is the main component of acrylic resin, containing low molecular
    NO.1600 NO.1600 This model is specially used for bonding metal and vulcanized rubber and other kinds of neoprene adhesive with strong adhesive effect. Strong adhesive force, good initial adhesion, excellent heat resistance, water resistance and aging resistance, strong a
    NO.1663G NO.1663G This model is a kind of chloroprene rubber amber adhesive specially developed for bonding small parts such as electrical equipment, acoustics and so on. The utility model has the advantages of non drawing, fast drying, good workability, good initial adhes
    DA-753 DA-753 This product is a kind of polyester adhesive and a good synthetic rubber. The initial adhesion, one-sided coating or thermal RE activated bonding can be excellent workability, suitable for light colored transparent film; adhesive products; plastic film or
    NO.340C NO.340C This product is adhesive for foam polyurethane and can be used for brushing or rolling coating of neoprene series adhesive. The film is soft, good adhesion; good adhesion; long drying time, excellent operating performance.
    DX-729 DX-729 This product is used as adhesive for polyester pressure material bonding. The plastic film or metal film, strong adhesion; transparent adhesive used for light products; plasticizer migration, excellent oil resistance.
    DA-3110LL DA-3110LL This product is a two component polyurethane adhesive, which is mainly composed of polyurethane. Mainly used in soft PVC or polyurethane and other materials bonding. Initial adhesion is strong, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance excellent;
    DA-3188G DA-3188G This product is a kind of synthetic rubber adhesive film transparency, broken wire, small bubbles play excellent adhesion properties of rubber, metal, wood, cloth and other materials. The film formed by transparent adhesive, it is suitable for bonding tra