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    zhuhai hengying chemical limited was founded in 2004, the Zhuhai special geographical and policy advantages, carry out glue fine chemicals trade, joint Japanese factories and technology R & D glue production according to customer requirements to develop special glue. Through the establishment of good reputation relationship with customers, to high-quality products, good service for the faith, continue to grow and develop in the speakers, mobile phone, camera, motor, intelligent wearable industry, VR new fields to obtain a good reputation, so that the company can withstand the test of economic fluctuation, steady development.

    since 2006, the company began to cooperate in R & D, production and sales of independent speaker industry equipment, including sound film forming machine, winding machine, etc.. Through strict quality control, and stable product performance, in the customer to establish a healthy and good image.

    After several years of efforts, has become a constant surplus chemical chemical trade, glue development, equipment development, production and sales of integrated enterprise, has a unique advantage in the field of glue agent distribution companies, brands include: Japan West (KONISHI), Japan (DIABOND), a very good TESK, Japan Japan Chemical (KYORITSU), Japan (HITACHI), Japan Hitachi chemical synthesis (TOAGOSEI), East Kanto (KANTO KASEI) and other products into.

    constant surplus chemical is committed to customer service glue technology, to provide customers with safe and efficient product logistics support!